About Us

The Prima Tiling Story

PRIMA TILING was set up in Wicklow over 15 years ago to meet the huge demand for Tiling Services. With the BOOM we grew like other similar companies but unlike most, due to our excellent work record, customer satisfaction rating and reasonable prices, we have continued from strength to strength.

Tiling Specialties

At Prima Tiling we specialise in Bathroom refurbishments. Not just turning up when the tiles have arrived! We can help you design your dream job and continue on until you have the finished product.

Who We Work For!

We offer residential and commercial tiling services to home owners, building contractors, business owners, and Insurance companies.
All our work is of the highest standard.
All works undertaken are by highly experienced Tilers, and a quality finish is our trademark.
We work mainly in County Wicklow and County Dublin.

What Tiling Materials can we work with?

Prima Tiling can install all types of tiles: Porcelain, Ceramic, Travertine, and Mosaic.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles are composed of fine porcelain clay and are fired at a much higher temperature than traditional ceramic tiles making them much harder and more dense. Due to its highly durable make-up, porcelain is more resistant to scratches and can withstand extremes of temperature. It is very stain resistant , and has a low water absorption rate and so can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Porcelain tiles can be either glazed or unglazed. Unglazed porcelain tiles are usually polished to a high gloss shine but because they are not coated with a glaze, such toils benefit from the application of a penetrating sealer to give tile added stain resistance and to aid cleaning.

Ceramic Tiles:

Ceramic tile is made of clay that has been fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles are similar to porcelain , difference being that they are not as dense and have a higher absorption rate. This means they are not frost proof, and may chip or damage more easily than porcelain tiles. Despite this ceramic tile is a very popular choice for floors, walls and kitchen splash backs. The tile is coated with a special glaze that protects and seals it. This keeps the tile from absorbing stains while improving the durability of each piece. The glaze is also what gives the tile its colour and pattern.Several ceramic tile designs and sizes are available. Ceramic tile is usually cheaper to buy than porcelain.

Travertine Tiles:

Travertine is a sedimentary rock, a form of limestone composed of calcium carbonate. Formed from hot springs millions of years ago , the stone is characterised by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. A large quantity of it was used to construct the Colosseum in Rome and many other well known buildings also feature it. Travertine can be purchased ” filled” or “unfilled”. It can be honed or polished to a smooth, shiny finish and comes in a variety of colours from white through to cream, beige and red. Like all natural stone, Travertine should be sealed to give it added stain resistance and to aid cleaning. Being acid sensitive, Travertine should be cleaned with a neutral ph or slightly alkaline cleaner.

Mosaic Tiles:

Mosaic tiles are small pieces of tile usually supplied on a mesh backing or sometimes paper faced. Originally they were used to create intricate designs or pictures. Mosaics can be obtained in many shapes and sizes and also as feature borders in various designs. They can be made from all types of material including ceramic, porcelain, glass and natural stone.
We believe that preparation is key! Because of this, we provide Floor leveling, removing existing tiles, fixing cracks, installing underfloor heating mats, and waterproofing wet areas.
Through hard work, coupled with offering excellent value to new and existing customers, PRIMA TILING continues to expand its Tiling services. We can now offer a plumbing service to compliment your kitchen / bathroom renovation.
Whether you need a new WHB or a new or leaking WC installed / repaired, PRIMA TILING can now offer a complete plumbing division to compliment its tiling business.
Customer satisfaction is cornerstone to our business and we look forward to meeting your requirements.

Our Team

Tiling Services

Conor is an expert tiler with over 20 years experience working in homes & businesses across Wicklow and Dublin. Whatever tiling job you need doing, more than likely Conor has worked on. and completed a similar one. He takes great pride in his work and always leaves satisfied customers behind him wherever he goes.