Why Use Metro Tiles ??

If you’re thinking of a kitchen / bathroom makeover but unsure of what Tile to use ,let me give you some pointers /advice !!

Metro Tiles have been around for a couple of years now and are showing no sign of disappearing just yet.

In fact more colours and sizes are coming on stream every day and with just cause.

Typically sizes are around 20 cm x 10 cm and come in both Ceramic and Porcelain finishes.

So why do i think you should use these Tiles for your new Kitchen or Bathroom i hear you ask ??

  1.  They are cheap !! ( starting from €15 per meter sq.)
  2. They are  versatile as you have so many colours to choose from and so many grout combinations.
  3. They will not date, ie they will still look good in 10 years !!
  4. Metro Tiles got their name from …..you guessed it ,The Metro ,or to be more specific the London Underground .They have been in use from its conception and they look as good today as they did in 1863.
  5. Most or all Tile shops stock a great range of Metro tiles and you will be spoiled for value and choice.

So , go on and take a leap of faith –  you won’t be disappointed !!